Saying Goodbye To Mase


Almost 11 years ago my family and I met a little white puppy named Maisie that changed our lives forever. My uncle had recently bought her but had to go away for a few weeks so we agreed to dog sit. We spent those few weeks getting to know the gorgeous little girl and she soon became part of the family. After the two weeks were over, my Uncle came to pick her up but we were too in love to let her go. After a lot of begging, he agreed to let us keep her and Maisie, who we decided to call Mase became part of the family.

Just over a year ago Mase started losing a lot of her fur, we didn't find this at all worrying as it was normal for her to lose fur during the hot seasons. A few weeks after she started having a lot of accidents in the house and was drinking a lot more than usual. This concerned us extremely as she had never had any health issues and hadn't had accidents in the house since she was a puppy. We assumed that it might be diabetes so we booked a vets appointment and headed over a couple of days later for some tests and to our relieve, our vets couldn't find anything wrong with her and confirmed that it wasn't diabetes. A few months went by and Mase was still excessively drinking and having accidents so we had to head back to the vets. We went back and forth to the vets more times than I could count on one hand, just to be sent back home and told that there is nothing wrong with our dog. 

After all of the failed vets trip, we went on with our day to day lives and Mase still seemed like the healthy happy dog she has always been (minus the excessive drinking and peeing). Then around 7 months ago, Mase's hunger increased, she had strange marks coming up on her skin, her muscles were weakening and she didn't seem like her usual self.  Knowing that our vets would just turn us away with no diagnosis, we decided to research her symptoms online and discovered an illness called cushings disease. Mase had every symptom that was listed and we were more than certain that this was one of the issues. We booked an appointment with my sisters vet with hope that they could help us and our dog. On the first appointment, we found out that she indeed had diabetes which is exactly what our old vets told us she didn't have and we also found out that we were right, she had an illness called cushings disease. There were only two options, medication or an operation but because of Mase's age there was a high chance that she wouldn't make it through the operation. Due to this, we opted for the medication with high hopes that it would help her and she would continue living a long happy life.

Around two months ago she had finished all of her medicine and it didn't help one bit. We rang our new vet straight away and he made us aware that there is nothing else that could be done. Although, she wasn't in any pain so we chose to wait it out.  Whether that meant we got a few months or years with her. Then a few weeks ago a lump come up under her armpit and it was very sore. We cleaned it up and decide to see how she went. To our relieve it healed up but she wasn't herself anymore. She started to struggle with her breathing and could barely get off of her bed. On the 11th of November 2016, she was really struggling so we made the heart breaking decision to take her into the vets to get put to sleep at 5.30pm. Mase spent the whole day having cuddles from all of her family members that came to visit her and she had the biggest smile on her face for the whole day. As it started nearing to half five, we got her into the car for her last drive which would be the journey to the vets. Mase decided that she wanted to go in our arms and started passing away on my dads lap, we wrapped her up in her favourite blanket and took her into the vets to be by her side as she took her last breath.

As a seventeen year old, this is hands down one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with and I have cried everyday since. Seeing Mase grow from a tiny nervous puppy into a loving family dog was a pleasure and it is something that I will never forget. She had the best life she possibly could of had with us and her best four legged companion, Tyson.

Goodbye Mase, you will forever be in our hearts xxx
Char x

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  1. Aw... definitely know how you feel. I had a maltese for almost 13 years and it died few months ago. So sad, my whole family was crying.. I hope both of our puppies went to a good place.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that! Must've been such a difficult time for your family. Thank you so much! I hope so too x


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