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I am pretty sure Real Techniques Brushes are one of the most popular and affordable makeup brushes. Even though they are completely ancient now, I only got my hands on a few sets for the first time a couple of months ago. I have always been a MASSIVE lover of the Miracle Complexion Sponge, which is also by Real Techniques. It has been an amazing part of my every day make up routine for over a year now but, I thought it was about time to purchase some actual brushes. I chose Real Techniques as they're both cruelty free and vegan, I have also heard amazing things about them and I'm so glad I've finally purchased them, they have made an amazing difference to my every day make up routine and as lame as it sounds, I can't imagine my life without them. Even though I purchased three different sets, the travel set is by far my favourite. It is perfect for travelling but also ideal for everyday use.
The Real Techniques Travel Set includes:
The Essential foundation brush: This brush is perfect for  both concealer and foundation, it makes application so effortless whilst also leaving you with a flawless finish.  I use this brush on a day-to-day basis to apply my foundation and I am always happy with the final result. Although, I do like to blend out any harsh lines with a Real Techniques buffing brush.
Domed shadow brush: I love using this brush to blend out both powder and cream shadows, which it does a fantastic job at! But I personally think it is too big for shadow application and I end up making a bit of a mess.
Multi task brush: Lastly, but certainty not least is my favourite brush in the set. It definitely lives up to its name and works wonders as a multi task brush. I use this to apply powder AND bronzer! However, I think it is slightly too big for applying blush and I'd suggest using the Real Techniques blush brush. I mainly use this brush for powder and I am always happy with the result, I find that it distributes my powder very well and I'm never left with a cakey finish.
Overall, I LOVE this set and if you are looking for a new set of brushes, I'd highly recommend you look into purchasing these. It makes it so much easier to only have to take three make up brushes on a trip away without having to worry about not being able to create your favourite make up look. Although, if I had to change anything about this set, I would add the buffing brush and the deluxe crease brush to make life a little easier.
Thanks for reading
Char x

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  1. Love this post, these are deffo my fave real techniques brushes that I own xx

  2. I love these brushes! I also love the real techniques stippling brush too!!


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