Stuck In My Comfort Zone


I have a confession: When it comes to the weekends, I'd happily pass the hours by indoors, binge watching Netflix. Even though, I love doing this, I decided I needed a change and 2017 is the year that I wanted to finally push myself out of my comfort zone and try to experience new things. 

Recently my friend Phoebe contacted me about an opportunity with a company called Arbonne, due to wanting to experience new things, I was super intrigued to find out more. I soon discovered that the role I would be taking on would involve network marketing and being a business student, I thought that this would be great for me. I would also be hosting several product parties each month and so far, this has given me the chance to gain more confidence, as I am meeting new people as well as having the opportunity to experience new things.

In the past, I have always turned down opportunities and experiences that have come up and then I have been left with that awful "what if?" thought in my head. That is why I'm so glad I gave Arbonne a chance!

Right, you're probably thinking "What is Arbonne?". So Arbonne is a company that has been established for over 37 years!! Meaning that they have had plenty of time to perfect their products. They sell products ranging from beauty & skincare to nutrition. AND to top it all off, every product is botanically based, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan! Which is just amazing, right?

So the moral of this story (well.. blogpost) is to take risks and say yes to more things. What's the worst that can happen?

Thank you for reading!
Char x 

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  1. Such a good post!! Reaching out of my comfort zone is definitely something I need to do more of xxx


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